home Master's Degree Course Work Papers from SDSU
Anth 602 Seminar Archaeology
Anth 582 Meso American
Anth 601 Seminar Physical
Anth 560 Field School
Anth 561 Archaeological Data Analysis
Anth 583 Power Perez
Anth 600 Seminar Teaching
Anth 603 Seminar Cultural
Anth 604 Seminar Linguistics
Anth 621 Seminar Applied
Anth 797 Thesis Research
Anth 798 Thesis Proposal (?)
Rhetoric and Writing 503W Technical Writing
Linguistics 505 Writing the Thesis Proposal
Rhetoric and Writing 508W Scientific Writing
Anth 580 Data Analysis


This is a collection of the work I did as a Graduate Student at San Diego State University, San Diego. They are listed at left in the order that I was enrolled. The links will take you to a new page. Just close the page to come back to this main hub.

This is what it took to obtain my master's degree at San Diego State University. A whole lot of work. If you are a good reader and writer, then you may have an easier time of it. There is a lot of reading and writing required in the Anthropology master's program.

I started the degree program in the Fall of 2005 and defended my thesis in May of 2009. Halleluja! It is done. Now to pay back the $25,000.00 in student loans.......

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