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Victoria Kline
Anthropology 582: Mesoamerican Cultures
October 6, 2004
Dr. Ramona Perez

Essay 1

Question has several parts, be sure to answer all parts

Carmack et al argue that the growth of the Aztec Empire can be correlated to their destruction of the ancient books and the reconfiguration of the deities to reflect their new political order.

The idea that a society’s belief system must mirror their political system in order to retain continuity between their worldview and their lived experience is a fairly standard paradigm in anthropology.

Utilizing Carmack et al’s argument, compare and contrast the social and populare movements in Nicaragua that correlated with the regimes of Somoza and Sandino.

Include within this analysis a description of how these movements either supported or disputed their leadership/ideals and whether these movements derived from a popular response or were created as a manipulative tool of the politically elite.

Discuss whether or not Carmack et al’s argument for the Aztec Empire and their subsequent analysis of Mesoamerica as a world system is applicable to Nicaragua.

Note: it is ok to take a focus ie women, cultural ideas, popular culture


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